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Log Cabin Conservation, Restoration, Repair, Preservation and Training

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Heritage Preservation Resources Incorporated, has over three decades of experience conserving and preserving important historic log cabins, mine buildings, fortifications, and other log, frame and masonry structures. Heritage Preservation Resources is an association of dedicated professionals who enjoy the opportunity to work with the historic and modern log buildings of this country.  Clients include public agencies, private individuals, and non-profits organizations.

RESTORATION and REPAIR  Following the Standards of the Secretary of the Interior for Historic Preservation, Heritage Preservation Resources provides clients with restorations and repairs that are of high quality and near-original appearance, with lower maintenance requirements.  Structures that are eligible for or listed on the National Register receive special care to conserve the qualities of the buildings that make them eligible. Buildings not eligible for the National Register have other values that clients feel are important, and Heritage Preservation Resources works with clients to discover and conserve these values.

Modern materials and special techniques using preservatives, epoxies, and high quality stains are integrated into Heritage Preservation Resources’ work.  In fact, Heritage Preservation Resources has formulated a non-cracking daubing mixture (non-latex) that visually duplicates most 20th century daubing, but without the drawback of shrinking or cracking.  The use of modern, but hidden, materials in addition to traditional preservation materials and techniques discreetly supports, reinforces, and conserves the original fabric of special places and special spaces.  This results in accurate restorations, excellent durability and reduced maintenance costs for clients.

WORKSHOPS  Training is provided to groups or individuals who wish to accomplish work on their buildings themselves in 4-5 days workshops.  In addition, Heritage Preservation Resources can provide individualized training to owners who wishes to accomplish work on their own.